Hear directly from our clients!

“Amber took into consideration all my comments and made changes within a short time period. I also liked that she was not a complete stranger and – as a fellow massage therapist – has an understanding of the work I do.

Having a professional logo has benefitted my business, I feel I can do more with marketing now and it better reflects what I have been doing in my work. The process was easy (for me!) and the fee was very reasonable. I received a logo I really like and resonate with. I am thrilled!”

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Ellie Calhoun | Natick, MA

“My wife loved her gift. I wouldn’t have done anything different. It was easy, Amber stuck to the time frame, I got updates and she asked the questions to make sure I got what I wanted Thank you!”


Eric | Tully, MA

“This painting was a gift and I know the recipient is going to be in love with it. I love that Amber sent progress pictures, so I could see the piece come together. She was completely open to suggestions and doing what ever she could to make the outcome exactly what the client wants. I’m very happy with our results! Thank you so much for going above and beyond! It is everything I asked for and beyond what I imagined! I absolutely love it!!!”

Christine S. | Uxbridge, MA

“Amber is very open to ideas. She’s easy to work with and eager to please.  This was something special for myself that means a lot to me. I couldn’t have created it without her help.  Thank you. Truly.”

Christine | Graham, NC

“Very happy with every aspect of this transaction – I knew Amber’s background and the kind of work she produces. I know the care she takes in creating, packaging, and delivering it. I liked how quickly the transaction transpired. I inquired one day and had the artwork hanging in my living room the next. This piece was a gift…..to ME! I knew I wanted it the moment I saw it.

I would definitely recommend Amber and her artwork/services to anyone that appreciates beautiful, quality work at a reasonable price. She does everything possible to make it happen. It’s obvious she is dedicated to her work – and the love and feeling she puts into it.”

Marianne Staples | Mansfield, MA

“I had no previous experience working with Amber, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The best part was working together to get exactly what I was looking for and she gave me input and opinions during the process, which really helped. She is so easy to work with and laid back. It takes time to exchange ideas, but the work is completely worth it. Just got the design as a tattoo and I am 100% in love with it!”

Katie C. | Athol, MA

“If I had any hesitation at all about working with Amber, it was due to the distance between us, but since she sent me progress pictures, that really took care of that situation. This was a gift to myself – it brings back memories of a place I use to live – and she listened to every idea I had about what I was looking for.

I am so very happy with the results and the whole process. I am also hoping to have a couple more small paintings done to finish out one of my skinnier walls. I would recommend Amber to anyone who will listen. If anyone comes into my house and sees my paintings, they will definitely know where to get their own…”

Valerie | Wrightsville, GA

“I had no hesitations working with Amber. I love her work and am happy with the results. It’s a gift for my baby girl. She might not really care about it now, but in a few years, she’ll think it’s a pretty cool piece – I know it. I loved the collaboration and that Amber really works with you to get the piece done. I absolutely love this painting and hope my other daughter wants one.”

Erin | Cheshire, CT

“I am extremely happy with the results of the painting. It was a gift for my daughter, and she was over the moon happy when she received it. Amber was very easy to talk with, and the piece came out stunning. It really exceeded my expectations (which were high to begin with, so super kudos for that)!

For me, I thoroughly enjoyed how enthusiastic she is about her work, and how she kept in touch throughout the entire process with little updates. That helps customers feel involved and let’s them know they are an important part of the piece coming together.

I most definitely would recommend Amber as an artist. For one thing, her art is fantastic. Also, she is a joy to work with, and makes people feel at ease/excited about working with her.

I will most definitely be purchasing more artwork from her in the future, as well as letting people know about her work. It was an extreme pleasure working with someone so nice.”

Kristina | Massachusetts

“I had some hesitation about working with Amber since we’re related. Without a doubt am I happy with the results. Being able to email back and forth and having the time to bang ideas off each other was wonderful! I could not wait for my son’s birthday party so we could give him this painting. He absolutely loves it! Go us!!

There is nothing I would change about working with Amber. I’ve seen her artistic side since she was a small child and she is extremely talented. She’s very down to earth and can be pretty funny if you get her going! ♡”

Steph Provencal | North Smithfield, RI