Day 84: Snow II

Up another size already?? I can’t believe we blew through 12×12’s without even a blink. It’s a little nuts to me.

You would think after 84 days it would be assumed that my general thought would be “I got this,” but no. I still worry that I won’t get everything done. Deep down I know I’ll pull through one way or another, but I worry.

I read of another artist who did a 365 day challenge (limited to 30 mins per day) and THAT seems crazy. Kudos to her. I’m not sure I would make it.

100 days is pretty tough. On one hand, I’m surprised at how fast it’s going and on the other, I feel guilt. My family seems to understand that this challenge is temporary and the flow of our household has settled into a routine to incorporate it – acknowledging the importance. For that, I am grateful.

Day 84

11×14 Acrylic on canvas panel. $84.   Get it here.

Daily Art and Freebie Paintings Every Friday,  Sign up!

What’s this all about? Check out the details.

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