Day 78: Green Sunflower

This sunflower was a pure JOY to paint. The last few days I’ve been feeling a little under the gun – not so much for the performance (with a 100 paintings to do, I’ve learned to accept the output as what it is since I’ve only got so much time), but I’m feeling under the gun to produce. I need something worthy of putting online and putting up for sale.

I’m not so concerned about the sales aspect since that’s not what this challenge is about, but the business-y side of my brain is well aware that I had to pour money into this to make it happen. So making something worthy of displaying in someone’s home is definitely a factor.

Today’s painting lifted that pressure a little. It was less about having a desired effect and more about the enjoyment of sliding paint across the surface. The colors mixing and loving on each other is EXACTLY why I started out with silhouettes. Subject matter wasn’t my focus – it was all about the background.

Smooshing color is still totally my fav.

Day 78

12×12 Acrylic on canvas panel. $78.   Get it here.

Gratitude Sale still happening, but time is running out. Use code: GRATITUDE30 to save 30% on everything.  Offer valid until 11:59PM November 30th.

Daily Art and Freebie Paintings Every Friday,  Sign up!

What’s this all about? Check out the details.

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