Day 69: Fashionista + Freebie Friday Winner!

I’ve been admiring Jane Davenport‘s work for some time now. I particularly like how her faces – the lines – aren’t perfect but they are beautiful.

I finally got to attempt one. And my very-brutally-honest-5-year-old daughter approves. (After cutting 20+” off my hair, she’s the one who said, “it’s okay mama, it’ll grow back.” That kind of honesty.)

Day 69

8×10 Acrylic on stretched (ready-to-hang!) canvas. $69.  SOLD

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We’ve waited all week and Freebie Friday is here!


Baby Birch


Congratulations, Laine!

(Drawn with I will contact you to arrange shipment/delivery.)

Daily Art and Freebie Paintings Every Friday,  Sign up!

What’s this all about? Check out the details.

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